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Q: How does SHARE manage its overhead?

Like any professionally run charity, SHARE also has overhead expenses. All overhead expenses are paid by internal donations given by the Board of Directors. No donations from the community are used by SHARE to fund its expenses.

Q: Is SHARE part of any other organization?

No. SHARE International is an independent organization.

Q: How does SHARE maintain transparency?

All account are managed professionally. Financial statements are kept for the donor on demand.
Professional CPA prepares financial papers/ taxes .
All donors are given Receipts.

Q: Is SHARE limited to one country, Pakistan?

No. SHARE International’s vision is to be a global charity. Pakistan chapter is the first one due to the emergent need. In fact SHARE India is soon to be operational.

Q: Does SHARE only serve orphans?

All orphans are special and the responsibility for all . But SHARE also supports other kids, who are bright but not able to afford good education. SHARE also supports institutions that support orphans.

Q: With so many other charities , Why SHARE?

SHARE is unique in many aspects.
Its primary focus is educational excellence. All students are assessed by volunteers. Their mark sheets are checked regularly. Any assistance may be held, if the student fails to maintain a at least a B grade.
SHARE is working in some areas, where very few other charities has any reach like D.I. Khan / Quetta
SHARE has zero overhead.

Q: With so many other organizations needing donations, how can I support another one?

We are all blessed in this world with more then our needs. SHARIng is just one way of doing our moral obligation.
The orphans are an obligation for the community.
Even one penny given sincerely by every single member of the community can sometime be enough!

Q: How does SHARE work overseas?

SHARE works overseas through its affiliates. SHARE Pakistan is one of them.

Q: What is SHARE Pakistan?

SHARE Pakistan is a registered charity in Pakistan, serving orphans and works routinely with other organizations that are in line with SHARE Internationals mission. SHARE International deals directly with SHARE Pakistan.

Q: Does SHARE Pakistan only work in one city?

No. SHARE Pakistan works in many cities, wherever the need is and wherever it gets donations for.

Q: Are donations to SHARE International tax exempt ?

All donations to SHARE International are tax exempt. Its Tax ID is 27-3607017. One can confirm this here.