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Hazrat Ali Akbar Fund Scholarship


Hazrat Ali Akbar Fund (HAF) pays the college and university tuition, travel, housing, etc. for students who cannot afford it.

The idea is that first we help students secure bright futures, and then they go on to uplift their families and communities. HAF also works to help the kids that graduate from Syeda Sakina Fund continue to stay in school and pursue higher education.

From 2013 till today, HAF has generated over $150,000 and, with the continued support of generous donors like you, has helped several hundred students, and has produced dozens of doctors, lawyers, engineers, and more. 

Impact of your donation: We treat each student on a case by case basis, and how much they get through the scholarship depends on their unique needs. The needs of a student going to a local college near their village might be covered by 50$ a month, while the needs of a student traveling to the US for medical school- considering costs for travel, tuition, and housing- may require well over 10,000$.