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Medical Camps


In the medical camps, SHARE sends a medical team with urgent medication to areas without access to medical care, where we provide general care, as well as tests and medication for many diseases (malaria, hepatitis, etc). From 2018 till today, SHARE has run 6-8 medical camps where the teams works through the day, typically serving between 200 to 300 people, though they’ve served upto 600 people before.

No access to simple medication can allow simple health issues like the flu or a stomach ache to become lethal, so for poverty stricken areas where no one can afford medical care, or for villages too far from any hospital, these medical camps are literally lifesavers. 

Impact of your donation: The way the camp works is that we pay for the team and equipment’s transportation, and once the camp finishes, we pay for all the medication given and the tests that were performed.So the cost really depends on the location and how many people show up, but on average, it takes 450$ to run a camp.

With your help, we aim to set up monthly camps in several regions, and to also open up a clinic that can take care of all general, and eye specific issues.